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Copie de Accompagnement complet pour votre chirurgie bariatrique et chirurgie esthétique e

Estelle Pasquier

Coach en Obésité

Your dedicated coach in the field of obesity.

"With an empathetic and experience-based approach, I guide you through your transformation journey, helping you adopt healthy and sustainable habits for a balanced life.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or seeking to maintain your progress, I am here to support you every step of the way."

Achieve your Goals

Lasting help

Illustration de coaching en obésité : une série de silhouettes représentant différentes étapes de perte de poids, de l'obésité à une silhouette plus mince, symbolisant le parcours de transformation physique et de santé.

Obesity Coaching

Lose weight effectively and sustainably

Obesity has become a major public health problem and bariatric surgery remains the best effective and lasting solution. In partnership with the multidisciplinary teams, my ambition is to promote quality care. I accompany you for the follow-up, whether pre or post-operative, but I also help anyone whose weight has become a problem on a psychological, physical and above all social level.

Illustration du coaching de vie avec un arbre de vie : un arbre avec des branches représentant différents aspects de la vie, comme la santé, les relations, la carrière et le bien-être émotionnel, symbolisant la croissance personnelle et l'équilibre dans tous les domaines de la vie.

Life coaching

Grow inside!

Complete support to define your personal goals together and help you achieve them by yourself thanks to your own resources and abilities. Thanks to several techniques such as NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), I help you to develop your potential, to develop your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem in order to reach the desired state of well-being on the affective levels, personal and professional.

Choisissez votre formule

Find one that works for you

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    Réussir sa perte de poids
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"Crafted to support you throughout your journey in obesity coaching. We're here to provide steadfast support at every turn."

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estelle pasquier coach en obésité et dr patrick noel chirugien bariatrique

"I accompany you for your surgery project in Tunisia,

The synergy between medical expertise and coaching is the cornerstone of a successful journey...

That's where all the difference lies!"

Estelle Pasquier

estelle pasquier coach en obésité
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